Monday, August 8, 2011

Back To School and Hearty Plates for Hearty Fall Meals

I got lucky and found these vintage" Dupar's Blue Plate" heavy restaurant
  dinner plates.
If you don't know Dupars,  It's an old diner still in business
 They feature, delicious pancakes,pies, and
 on Tuesday nights (I think) still  have chicken fried steak. 

We ,again, got lucky  to find these gym lockers.
Just looking at these brings back
the nightmare of not remembering my combination.


  1. Great images les!!! So glad to see you and meet your cutie of a husband!!! The booth looks amazing and you guys work so hard!!! It shows, see ya soon hugs lulu

  2. I'm liking the thoughts of warm meals and cold weather just about now. Thanksgiving dinner at Grandmas!