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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Custom decorated bottles as gifts.

I added some  crystals to the bottom of the bottle, and used waxed twine to wrap.

Jewelry pieces repurposed.
My best friend's mom is turning 90 , in a week, so I couldn't think of a more fitting  present, than her past! I took a large booze bottle, rolled some old photos of her kids, and stuck them in, added some beads, because she likes wearing colorful beads, tore some  sheet music, because she sings, added a resin kitty to depict her old pet, and put a  glittered and framed label on the front. I also added a crystal stopper and draped a bracelet with charms from New York, where she lived her early life. I'm also adding another label, telling people to send her  small trinkets of the past, to add to the bottle. I hope it will be successful.  

Here are some other bottles I've decorated. Hope you like them.


  1. LIKE ,LIKE ,LIKE! your bottles. I have some scrunched seam binding around my bottle with an old clock gear. I get the colored binding at a etsy place "Vintage Paris Market". I have bought several times from them.

  2. Cool looking bottles! What did you do with the booze?