Friday, August 5, 2011

I took my son and his girlfriend to "Hollyweird"...

I'm short, but these would definitely make me scared of heights!
We walked around Hollywood Blvd. and  thought the stores were the most interesting parts. check out these shoes and wigs!

Rock and Roll!

The Munsters, anyone?

Hot, hot, hot!

Cruel Shoes!

I don't know, but I love these!

Looks like a  radio speaker, but is actually

one of those static electricity  finger moving thingys.

Mostly Fem Mimics  wear these.

I adore the pink and blue ones.


  1. Looks like some fun sites. lol Nice wigs! judy

  2. So weird is right!!! Hugs lulu

  3. So which pair did you get? Hee hee.

    You'd better link this up on Wayfaring Wednesday. :)

  4. She got both wigs! Now just have to wait for Halloween!

  5. ( won't wait for Halloween, I'll wear them now. laura, I should have gotten a pair. I'm only 4' 11". 6 or 7 more inches would make me a real person.

  6. Those shoes are crazy - but very gorgeous and glam!! How do people walk in them? I'd be hobbling along holding on for dear life!! Not so glam!!


  7. a lot of them are "Fem Mimics". They
    have really strong ankles, not like us us girlie girls.

  8. Those photos look like Drag Queen heaven. Can you imagine how many of those wigs they actually sell? And those shoes...WHO are those made for? Funny post.