Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hollywood continued...

These are some of my favorite celebs.  I'd be there for 2 days shooting everyone I liked. I love movies!
Enjoy the memories!

He's a crack up. Still going strong!

What can you say?

Fred Mertz


Aaahhhhh! The most gorgeous woman on earth!

Mel's wife and  Mrs Robinson

Numbers 1-?

One of Guy's favorites. On those 70's Green
Acres kind of shows. I forget which one.

The best newsman ever!

"Hey Anj"

I couldn't find Bud!

One of my favorite all time actresses.
If you watch AMC, you'd know who she was.


writer and tv  celeb.

The voice of most of the Warner Brother's
 cartoon characters. Daffy, Bugs, Elmer Fudd.....

 Can you read it? John Belushi

This is a crime. Her star being so dirty.
Heathcliff, Ahhhh!


  1. Thanks for taking us to Hollyweird Les! Have a wonderful day! Great images! lulu

  2. I love the walk of stars. But like you I do wish it was kept in better condition.

    Where are the super cleaning super fans? :)

  3. Her star didn't come out. You couldn't read it, so I deleted it.

  4. I have walked that walk. Love the stars. Someone should be in charge of cleaning them on a daily basis. I would like that job. judy