Monday, October 10, 2011

1930's-1960's home decor

Guy and I went to LACMA to see the  Tim Burton show and  were delighted to find the California  home decor designs of the 1930's through the 60's . This is my favorite period of time, design-wise.  
Eames  resin chair and bookcase/table lamp
I love the clean shapes and strong colors. 

1940's Mexicana fabric design

50's lighing

30's silver tea set

A 50's "Wonder Bread" printed sunsuit set.

Fabulous wire hanging

1930's fabric design

This is a Lazlo print. I adore this print.

 A  Typical 1960's living room suite

I love this Calder-like lamp

love this lamp and chair

This room design was on the cover of a1960's edition of the LATimes Magazine.
The museum curators reproduced the exact room, right down to the smallest detail.
 I shot this at the same angle as the original.

great graphics on this fabric


  1. Oh" Leslie! You must have had such a great time! These pictures are just wonderful!! Wouldn't it be fun to find a "Barbara Ann" dress at an estate sale around here? Hope its my size!!

  2. The LA Times room design looks great! Is that a Barbecue right there in the middle? The "Wonder Bread" suit! Could be "Bimbo Bread", too! On at LACMA right now?

  3. Wow, that is quite a wonderful display. Love 'um. Pasteles De La Paz

  4. What a wonderful selection of photos you took Leslie I have really enjoyed looking through them, sounds like you had a good day! Have a wonderful week. Tracey x

  5. This style just makes me smile. I would so wear that sunsuit set.

  6. Hi Leslie, thank you for posting these pictures. We really wanted to visit this exhibit, but just never found the time. That Wonder Bread sunsuit is so much fun!


  7. You always stop by and leave the greatest comments....I couldn't believe it when you mentioned that you are look fabulous!!!

  8. Hey Luluboo! Just stopping by. 81? I hope that's a typo! It should say 31, right?