Monday, October 17, 2011

Secret Stash Box

Embossed Orchids on a green ground

Guy and I were up North and we walked into a great little thrift store. I immediately spotted this Victorian photo album. When I opened it, I was surprised to see the pagers were stuck together, and the middle was cut out. Someone made a box, but didn't decorate it. I took it home and decoupaged the inside with sheet music and  transfer vines. I added to  the pockets on the opposite side, a Victorian  inspired Birthday card. Then to the box, I added a feather  and a silk rose.

I forgot, I also added a daguerrotype photo to the bottom of the box.


  1. Leslie love the photo album, beautifully done. I am always attracted to them. It's kinda cool this morning. It will be back to summer weather by the weekend. hugs Jude

  2. What a beautiful box. An exceptional find.