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Monday, October 24, 2011

Henry B.B. P.

My friend, Mary, adopted little Henry from a  friend who found him on the street. He found a home and she found a "Wart". That's what she calls him, because he sits in a sling on her chest whenever she goes anywhere. He is a happy camper. He just sits in his sling quietly, while strangers come up to him and goo and gaw.  He never yaps and kisses everybody who wants one. He has been saved.  The SPCA has tons of animals waiting to find homes. Please adopt a homeless pet.


  1. Congratulations to Henry. You've found a comfortable, loving home!

  2. Love the dog with the mohawk!! The mantle was a good find. I was going to make a tall headboard soon anyway. Loved the black but, deceided to do the putty color. Took 4 hours Sunday . I am a maniac when I want something done. Don't know what to use to make it taller. Got a card for camera so when it's done I will post. Thanks! Jude

  3. Oh my goodness he is adorable!

    Our Rudi came from a shelter and has been the best dog ever! :)

  4. Oh my!!! He is sooo sweet! I have Yorki-poos. Little yappers they are, but I love them. Just got my Etsy store all full of goodies and NOW I am focusing on my website....Better later than Never I always say.