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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Getting closer to Scary Day...

I like scary things , and pranks. So when Guy brought home  some fake bloody fingers, I had to really bloody them up and put them in a cloche.  This little rubber skeleton  ripped in half, so I put  the top half in one  silver ice bucket, and the  bottom in another.

White on white is very cold looking. oooohhhh!


  1. Wow Leslie I am definitely spooked! Those fingers look very realistic, what a great way to display them! Tracey x

  2. I cannot get over those fingers. Scary indeed!!!

  3. Happy (almost) Halloween Leslie! I thought I saw a bugger on one of those finger, better check! JOE AND I ARE STAYING HOME, AND HANDING OUT CANDY THIS YEAR!!! Talk to you soon!

  4. Nice Paulie! Have a good and peaceful scary night.