Monday, March 5, 2012

Estate sales aren't just for buying...

I  love seeing how other people  live. This  estate sale was in the hills above JPL. This is an upscale neighborhood, and I was thrilled to be able to explore a nice house there. The grounds were terraced with a natural spring running through. The owner built 5 red Japanese  bridges over the creek. Flowers abounded; paperwhites,  camelias,  and daffodils. It smelled  heavenly.  I stayed  a long  time. I almost forgot why I was there, but not quite. I got lots of nice things  at this sale. It was a perfect experience.


  1. What a beautiful garden Leslie, thanks for showing us around! Tracey x

  2. What a lovely place. Very nice photo tour. Eileen (Pasteles De La Paz)

  3. Lovely flowers! Would love to see it again later in the season:)