Saturday, March 10, 2012

New things in booth

silver plate anyone?
notice the old cupboard.

the ladies'  spittoon is blue enamel, and the spurs are early 1900's

the two brass lamps are 1900's  Arts and Crafts originals

close up of  hanging lamp.

These rubber gold fish are my favorite picks of the weekend.
They crack me up. I also got  other colors of fish, but the  gold ones are
the coolest!
I  went to some sales and got  very cool stuff. A new distressed cupboard from the  thirties, a fabulous surveyors tripod,  old spurs, Bauer bowls, and  silver. I love large silver trays, and so do a lot of people. I can't keep them in the booth.  Hope you have a great weekend. The weather , here, in Tujunga is a breezy 73. Gotta  love Calif.


  1. I am loving the goldfish and that surveyors tripod, what an interesting array of finds you have there! Good luck with the cricut, I have the expression if you need any help let me know! Have a great weekend. Tracey xxx

  2. Silverplate! Yes!!!

    Thank you for your kind thoughts my friend.

  3. I see a maritime theme with the helm wheel and clock. So Interesting!!

  4. Very cool stuff...the weather is not so great today, huh?
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  5. Just love that shiny ball. I can see you in the reflection . . . self portrait!