Thursday, May 19, 2011

1817 American Tea Table

Notice the drop leaf.  Lift up the leaf and slide the bar forward.
This tea table  was made in the early 1800's and passed down through 4 generations of  a Southern  family, named Kirk. The last Kirk owned it in the 1950's

I love silver. I always  have  it to sell.

This is a brass plaque on the front  top of the table.  Between the two dates was a relative in Virginia, in the  civil war,  who served tea (on this table) to Union soldiers, while her farm hands hid her  horses the forest.


  1. Leslie, I love the silver items on the table,one of my favorite things to buy! Have a good weekend! hugs,, judy

  2. Just noticed the "Barbie Diary" reference at the topof your blog page. Omg, I had a black one. I hid it under the matress and found my little brother reading one day and had a hissy! Good Memories! judy

  3. Oh my goodness what a fabulous piece of history. I just adore that it has been documented!

  4. Love the table and the history!