Wednesday, May 18, 2011

birds and iron

It's nice to know people still buy and send notes.
I bough this cute corner shelf unit, and when I  didn't have anything to put  in it, Maria found these bird notecards. I love the colors together.

Chippy painted stuff still sells.


  1. Doing great Les! Miss you much! Hope to see you soon! Yes, be sure and get the book its great! Hugs lulu

  2. Working, working! I need to get as much in before the baby which is in the next couple of weeks! LOL

  3. My daughter and I
    are both crazy for
    birds on....anything!
    These look great on
    that adorable red rack.
    Your booth is charming.
    I'm totally jealous of
    the fresh fruit and
    avocados but after my
    raw detox, I'm craving
    them all. Thanks for
    stopping by and cheering
    me on : )
    xx Suzanne