Tuesday, May 10, 2011


She is too big  as a lap dog, but she still tries.

Probably  tired of hearing us  gossip.

She is really a thoughtful dog. Her expressions are  a direct result of what you say to her. She cocks her head a lot. Very cute.

We love you Hobo!
My friend, Bern,  loves dogs. Since  I've known her (about 30 years), she's had 7-8) plus many other animals. Last year, her favorite dog, a pit bull, passed away. Bern was devastated. So She got Hobo.  It looks like another love affair. 


  1. HoBo is adorable. What a sweet face.

  2. I love it! So cute in that chair. judy

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  4. I love my dogs too and it is so hard to let them go. So glad she got Hobo! He is precious.