Thursday, May 12, 2011

That Time of Year Again

Woohoo,  plum jelly for everyone!

Raspberries to be

the only avocado on an eight  foot tree.

Tangellos.  They've never  tasted good. Always bitter. Never soft. I  have no idea how to fix
 that problem.

Finally, this little Meyer lemon tree is maturing and giving more fruit. Can't wait to
 taste them!
I love living in California, land of fruit trees. I always wanted to own some. To be able to pick the  fruit whenever I wanted, was always a treat for me.   When we were teens, my best friend, would take walks around town, and steal lemons from overhanging branches. We'd peel the lemons and eat them  on our walk. We'd never  go into a yard, but were happy to take when  hanging over the fence.


  1. Love all the fruit trees and the avocado tree! Wish i had them in my yard! xo judy

  2. You sure have things we can't grow!
    I did grow some tangelos once in a pot and it took like 5 months for the fruit to ripen but they were so amazing it was worth it!
    Does that stuff make your hair silky? I might have to buy some! My hair is dry and fluffy.